Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Last Race

When I was helpless you provided me your arm,
When I was clueless you led me by your charm.
When I was tired you gave me your shoulder,
When deep in my problems, you helped push away every boulder.
Who are you, why are you doing this to me?
What are your feelings that you may have for me?

Please don't look at me in pity, I plead,
I once used to be capable of gigantic deeds.
I may no longer be the stallion I used to be,
However there is surely one last race left in me.
I need you to always be by my side while I train
In the scorching heat of the blazing sun or even the gushing rain.

I'll be running in my last race very soon,
Till then every night I look up to admire the moon.
I start to think of you, of who you are to me,
If I told you my feelings, what would the consequences be?
So, I close my eyes and think no more
I have my last race to prepare for.

As I slowly head for the race on the judgment day,
I can see your tears as you turn your head away.
As the bugle sounds for the last time I begin my run,
Steadily moving forward as my aching body starts to burn.
I want to do the best for you; I want to be your king,
The finish line fades away from my eyes; I still hope I can win.

I move forward all guns blazing as everyone else falls behind,
I finally become the winner; Oh Lord you are so kind.
I decide to head back and check, what everyone else is busy about,
As no one came to congratulate me, although I had won the bout.
As the crowd slowly moved away, I finally see you, as you cried,
Hugging my old cold self. Yes, I had already died.