Monday, November 23, 2009


She lied there all alone,covered in a torn white sheet,
In the darkest corner of the damp room,
Waiting earnestly for any last rays of hope,
Or even the cold light of the moon.

She anxiously continues to stare up high,
At the shining stars in the bleak dark sky,
Waiting for the slightest rays of light,
While pulling up her sheet and shivering in fright.

Will she ever escape this nightmare,Will they ever find her here,
As the cold air touches her face, she looked awefully scared.
She continued to look towards the horizon, waiting for the impending doom,
As the first rays of the sun appear to end the night of gloom.

The sound of rotors seemed to be melody to her ears,
Finally the chopper appeared like a guardian angel.
They managed to rescue her from all her miseries,
After these two long seemingly unending years.

Now she sits by the room, recollecting those days,
And the amount of torture she had to endure,
The two years have sowed the seeds of lunacy in her mind,
As she continues to stare blindly at the wall,while others wait for her to cure.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thank You

To a far away distant land beyond the seas,
A lonely boy was sent out for work.
Homesick, apprehensive and scared,
He encountered this lady the very first day.

An unfriendly answer and a dissentful attitude,
This was what he received that time.
He wanted to return to where he belonged,
Away from these unfriendly set of folks.

But the boy stood firm, decided to fight back,
He wanted to lead her to the right path,
He returned love for every bit of hatred that she showed,
After all he belonged to Gandhi's land of peace.

The lady gradually changed over time,
She started treating him like her own,
He became her child,nephew and friend,
And was always there to lead him,
To the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is not a story about two person of the same age,
Same geography,color,caste and creed,
This is about two people who met by chance,
And showed love and respect for each other.
This is the phenomenon called Humanity,
This is about a Relation which has no name.

These words are just a token of Thanks,
To tell her what she means to him today,
To wish her all the happiness in the world,
And a vow to keep loving and caring her forever.