Monday, October 15, 2012


Tonight I had my chance to witness 
The moon in full bloom;
Felt awed by its resplendent beauty 
Lighting up the night sky. 

I had my chance to be moonstruck 
By the beauty of the Moonflower; 
So exotic, pure and so rare; 
So heavenly like the Holy angel. 

Tonight I have seen the Moonflower bloom. 
I have witnessed its beauty piercing 
My heart like cupid's arrows; 
That leaves me with sweet mortal wounds. 

There are times when I felt forsaken. 
When the moon went down and the sun arose, 
Burning away the soft night skies, 
And the Moonflower along with it. 

Sometimes I wonder what would happen, 
If the sun had no moon to chase every day. 
Our night skies would be dark forever, 
As the starlight is no surrogate 
For the blooming moonshine. 

And that is when the sun in me, 
Would slowly turn out to be a white-dwarf; 
Just a cold empty shell of a being, 
That grieves for its lost love. 

I would really long,for that friendly smile, 
On those cold days, to reignite, 
The warmth held within my heart. 
But, I am afraid I may have lost mine, 
In the collection of false hopes; 
My Moonflower has slowly withered away. 

Dedicated to my beloved Moonflower. May you be happy and in full bloom wherever you are.