Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Strong Girl

She's dressed in black working along,
On this last shift of the night,
Working swiftly through the orders,
With no one else at sight.

Who knows what goes through her mind,
As she prepares one after the other without a break,
She has perfected all every single step,
Like she's a ballerina on The Swan Lake.

Her hair flows dark just like the darkest of nights,
The Silver Brooch on her head jingles as she turns to the sides,
She brings out the Moon with the sweetest of smiles,
But she scare me off by taking her earrings aside.

Her ears really shows her undaunted spirit.
This is one girl who is not scared to fight,
This is one girl who wants to make things right,
This is one girl who is much more than what is in sight,
This is one girl who wants to live her life.