Sunday, August 23, 2009

For Di

You may have seen me but I still dont know your face,
All I know is that you are a woman with amazing grace.
Friendship is not about seeing into ones eyes,
Its more about making oneself open to the other without resorting to lies.

You are a person I just constantly love to bug,
In return I expect if you could give me a sweet hug.
But you always seem to reprove my ways,
Makes me feel that I have lost my charm these days.

You may be a lot older than me, but you still seem to be a kid,
You may love your nephew and niece, but a real friend is what you need.
Whenever you feel tired,broken down or hurt, whenever you want to cry,
I will always be there to bug you and cheer you up, sweet Di.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


You are an angel without wings,
You put together in life such wonderful things,
You smile brings joy to every face,
And light up every heart with your grace.

One teenage and confused girl you are,
For you life certainly has no bars.
You want to grow up to what you always dream of,
But you stop when people around you tend to scoff.

Chase your dreams girl,you know you can,
I'll always be there to support you, as I am your fan.
Give it your best shot and do what you do best,
Your hard work will pay off and let God do the rest.

Oh my Angel,in this world you will surely rise,
More than those who seem to be wealthy and wise.
Till then sweet angel, never shed a tear,
Pursue your dreams and don't you ever fear.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Girl please cheer up, cos your smile is long gone,
Forget about the past, forget about what is to come.
Tell me what do you want, what you want to be done,
Just let down your hair, and sing your favorite song.

Forget about the sorrow, misery and strife,
Live today cos you have got just one life,
I know you have suffered, I know you have bled,
I know all the hardships in the life which you have led.

Please wipe out your tears, and the scars in your heart,
Give me your wonderful smile, which rips my heart apart.
Like the light at end of tunnel, all your miseries will end,
Whenever you feel let down, I'll be there to cheer you up, my friend.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Coffee Shop Girl

It was just another day at the office,
With too much of work which my mind couldnt suffice.
As I stared at my laptop and was about to close my eyes,
I rose from my desk as I had started to realise.

I headed for the cafeteria, Java City was the name,
A sweet lady in black stood there smiling, Pam was her name.
Cappuccino, Latte, Javalanche you could name them all,
I asked her for help as I didnt know at all.

She gave me a cup of Mocha, very strong it was,
I was too tired to talk, I took it without a fuss.
No whipped cream and very little chocolate, she really cared for my diet,
It smelled and tasted like heaven, also made my eyes open wide.

Ever since I follow the same routine,I drink the stuff twice,
Makes me feel a whole lot better, in the otherwise world of vice.
Everyday I head to the coffee shop whether I'm busy or free,
She's always there with her sweetest smile ready to serve me.

My Friend's Girlfriend (Wrote this for my friend so that he could impress his girl)

Today the world feels so right,
Bathing in the warm sunlight.
I still don’t know whether I am right,
To wake up early for the morning flight.
I’m coming baby; I’m coming to you,
How will I reach you I have no clue.
Over the ocean which looks so blue,
I’m coming for you, cos my love is so true.