Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Unnamed Poem......

When the sun shines bright at your place
The moon's glowing here in all its grace
On this cold moonlit night I really feel alone
While the warm rays of the sun make you feel at home.
Seems like we are really very far apart
Still you are always residing in my heart
You took my mind,my heart and also my soul away
That is why I always dream about you every day.

You shine brighter than that summer sky
But you always bring a tear to my eye
Every time I think of you again
I have to say to myself, we're only friends
It hurts me deep down inside
Still I can't wait till the pain subsides
Oh, how I long to hold your hand
But living without you, I can't withstand.

When will the time be right
When I can hold you in my arms so tight?
This pain is constantly eating up my soul
My feelings I can no longer control
You are the biggest strength of my life
Yet you are also the cause of my strife

My Love for you is pure, my Love for you is strong.
My Love for you is that which will never go wrong.
You are the dove of my soul, you have a heart of gold.
You are my true love, a love the world needs to be told.
I can't stop thinking of the way you make me feel
Like the warm sunshine and the cool breeze, so real.
My love is pure and fresh like the first winter snow
That is exactly why, I can never let you go.
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