Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Coffee Shop Girl

It was just another day at the office,
With too much of work which my mind couldnt suffice.
As I stared at my laptop and was about to close my eyes,
I rose from my desk as I had started to realise.

I headed for the cafeteria, Java City was the name,
A sweet lady in black stood there smiling, Pam was her name.
Cappuccino, Latte, Javalanche you could name them all,
I asked her for help as I didnt know at all.

She gave me a cup of Mocha, very strong it was,
I was too tired to talk, I took it without a fuss.
No whipped cream and very little chocolate, she really cared for my diet,
It smelled and tasted like heaven, also made my eyes open wide.

Ever since I follow the same routine,I drink the stuff twice,
Makes me feel a whole lot better, in the otherwise world of vice.
Everyday I head to the coffee shop whether I'm busy or free,
She's always there with her sweetest smile ready to serve me.
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