Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thank You

To a far away distant land beyond the seas,
A lonely boy was sent out for work.
Homesick, apprehensive and scared,
He encountered this lady the very first day.

An unfriendly answer and a dissentful attitude,
This was what he received that time.
He wanted to return to where he belonged,
Away from these unfriendly set of folks.

But the boy stood firm, decided to fight back,
He wanted to lead her to the right path,
He returned love for every bit of hatred that she showed,
After all he belonged to Gandhi's land of peace.

The lady gradually changed over time,
She started treating him like her own,
He became her child,nephew and friend,
And was always there to lead him,
To the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is not a story about two person of the same age,
Same geography,color,caste and creed,
This is about two people who met by chance,
And showed love and respect for each other.
This is the phenomenon called Humanity,
This is about a Relation which has no name.

These words are just a token of Thanks,
To tell her what she means to him today,
To wish her all the happiness in the world,
And a vow to keep loving and caring her forever.
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