Thursday, November 15, 2012

True Love

True love leads to the sacrifice of the love that we give,
It takes less and yet gives us so more;
An everlasting feeling of eternal love,
Turns our heart to an open door.

The willingness to give up yourself,
To lay down your own life and happiness;
In order to touch another person's heart,
Is the true love in form of the sacrifice.

This is a chance that God has given you,
To reach and touch another soul;
Shall forever be changed by kindness,
The life your love has made whole.

Every life is but a circle,
Every life is just part of the chain;
Every link is joined by sacrifice,
That causes man to love and to change.

Let us turn and reach out with a hand of love,
In order to touch one another's life;
Which Will cause the circle to be complete,
In an act of loving sacrifice.
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