Thursday, August 4, 2016


You may tie me up all around,
You may wrap chains around my feet,
You may clip off my wings,hold me down, close to the ground.
But how will you put chains around my dreams?
Even the saplings rise up slowly, breaking through the hardened soil;
Rising straight towards the bright sun in the sky.
Do you really think you can deny me my freedom?

You may put me on shackles,you may beat me down to death.
But can you really stop the rays of the morning sun,
From reaching me through your prison bars.
How will you monitor and stop my thoughts, my feelings, my desires?
It is a just a matter of time, before I spread my wings,
And like a Phoenix, rise from my own ashes and fly out to kiss the sky.

This is the freedom I wish for me and I wish for you,
A land freed from the shackles of race,color and creed.
A freedom built on equality, unity and peace, and not on hatred and vengeance,
A freedom where we are all free from oppression and exploitation,
And a freedom which leads to happiness of all beings.

Only time will tell, if my dreams will ever come true.
Whether it is the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning,
Whether it is the sunrise or the sunset leading to the dark night ahead.
It looks like the road to heaven but feels like the road to hell,
But we will see this through together, as we will continue to strive ahead,
Listen closely my friend, can you hear the Bells of Freedom.
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