Monday, August 18, 2008


I wrote this during our ILP in Bhubaneshwar just before our posting was to be determined. We were all damn scared bout the prospect of a posting in Chennai. Any one working in TCS will get the meaning of this very well.

Aajob jinish botey
Charidikey chotchotey
Sada sada gol gol
Sathey tok tok jhol
Pet korey gur gur
Bathroom jai hurmur
Erokom i khabar Idli-Sambhar
Peter barota bajbey bar bar
Khetey chailey cholo jai Chennai
MATC r jonno ekhanei je jabo sobai

(MATC-Manpower Allocation Task Commiittee, These people determine your posting in TCS after completion of the ILP)