Monday, August 18, 2008

Story Of My Life

Every wish that I make
Every breath that I take
Every moment every hour
Every hint of strong desire
All these form a part of my life.

The cloud and the sun
The wind and the rain
The hail and the sleet
Those hours spent in vain
They all make me feel
That I am free at last
Whatever comes my way
No matter how strong it may
Be,win I shall must
Cos, All these form a part of my life.

Every friend, every foe
Willy,Billy,Jack and Joe
Every game that I have played
Every little word I have said
Every match with the rival gang
Every crash,slide,boom and bang
Every broken nose and bleeding face
A cheerful gin to signal everything's in place
Every boo to add up to the losers disgrace
Every treat to celebrate the winning goal
All those moments still cheer up my soul
Cos, All these form a part of my life.

Memory is all that remains today
Of the yesteryear's from the distant past
Everyday I relive those moments again
Trying to cope with my life in vain
But still I fight, still I live
Cos, This is the story of my life